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Sound Dampening

Many offices and industries are moving to open concepts, with concrete floors, high ceilings, and fewer walls. These offices are beautiful, but they’re often echo-chambers! Sound dampening solutions can make a measurable difference in employee satisfaction, and they look great too.


Trends in acoustics

Sound dampening that rocks

Products like ezoBord do an amazing job of reducing ambient noise, and can actually contribute to the unique style of a space. Interior designers are starting to incorporate ezoBord as a key design element.

Green quiet earth moss

Quiet Earth organically preserved Moss brings a stunning customized green space indoors, while controlling room acoustics.  Find out more.

Agile workforces

The move from individual offices to benching systems means that we’re tearing down walls. Designers are using sound dampening materials to double as privacy screens and low barriers between desks.

Quiet zones

Open concept offices mean that we’re losing areas for quiet thought and calls. Sound dampening materials are being used to create private areas to give employees a break from the hustle.

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We built an amazing showroom to show you all the ways you can dampen
sound while enhancing the design of your office.

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