Wall Systems

Glass Wall Systems

Starwall™ custom integrated glass wall systems

Architects, Designers, Contractors, Property Owners/Tenants and Workplace Specifiers can create spaces entirely in classic glass or integrate architectural products like custom ezoBord™ acoustic panels, Lumicor resin panels, Quiet Earth™ preserved moss or Clarus™ dry erase glassboards. Download the free Starwall Design Book and Specifications Deck for more information.

Starwall’s versatility allows you to design all-glass spaces, or add in acoustic panels, preserved moss walls, dry erase glassboards, wood veneer or resin panels.

Acoustic, Designer Wall Panels

ezoBord™ architectural panels will improve office acoustics

When your office requires divided areas, and permanent walls are not the right solution, look to ezoBord™. These architectural designer products can be custom made to any size or shape, and can include your branding. Hang them, place them or fasten them – and benefit from their visual appeal and sound-absorbing acoustic qualities.

Workplace Separation Solutions

Separate the workplace creatively – but keep people connected.

There are quite a few creative ways to separate your employees, while allowing them to feel connected. Vertical can provide solutions for reception areas, check-in areas, workspaces, desks, and more. We have solutions that fasten to surfaces, hang from ceilings and are on mobile castors. Choose from various materials, including glass wall systems, designer acoustic panels and dry erase glassboards.