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Perfect for the ‘free real-estate’ offices where assigned seats are a thing of the past. For those who may need to work independently away from the typical benching systems this station is the perfect touchdown space!


Standard in 3 heights: 41″, 52″ and 66″.

Worksurface Depth 24″, Width: 48″ and 66″.

Option to add power bar or add 4-circuit power system.

Semi clear poly upper panels. Optional laminate, whiteboard, printed acrylic,sound-dampening tackable or fabric-covered tack panels on upper panels.

Under surface box/file with lock and above surface storage options.

Add ergonomic accessories and work tools.

Add mobile storage units.

Mobile all-in-one non-folding system with no separate parts and pieces can easily be configured immediately. Can be relocated through standard doorways fully assembled

Laminate Colour Options


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