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Demountable Walls

Adding and moving walls doesn’t have to be a huge construction project. Architectural demountable walls can be installed and moved without damaging your space. They make your workspace flexible and adaptable, and are cost efficient.


Trends in demountable walls

Beauty and functionality

Walls don’t have to be boring. Ours often incorporate ezoBord – a sound dampening material that adds beautiful design elements while absorbing sound.

Agile workspaces

The move from individual offices to benching systems means that we’re tearing down walls. Demountable walls give you the flexibility to create spaces that are as agile as your workforce.

Space that grows with you

As your business grows, how you use your office space will change. You might find that you need to make larger meeting rooms, or carve out additional call rooms. Walls that can be moved are a cost efficient way to create space that can change as your grow.

Check out Starwall for even more ideas

Products that could help

Want to see demountable walls in action? Come into our showroom to
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