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We’re working hard to provide products and services to protect your people through Covid-19

ezoBord Products

Our ezoBord dividers whether solid or with a full pattern or partial pattern can quickly separate space without taking up space. The material is actually recycled water bottles, so it doesn’t take on moisture or odours and is bacteria resistant. The bonus is, the material was created as a sound dampener for open spaces so the benefits are doubly good.

We typically ship products in 4-5 weeks, but we are being asked can we deliver in days. Because of the pressing nature of companies needs, we are working hard to shorten that lead time from weeks to days.

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Antimicrobial Treatments

Protect your facility’s surfaces with Aegis Microbe Shield, for long lasting protection against the colonization of microbes.

Health Canada Registers, a single application of Aegis Microbe Shield will remain active on a treated surface for 12 months.

With Aegis and McIntyre Group, you have peace of mind knowing this solution is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, low VOC, non-leaching and will provide continuous protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Swiftspace Products

The free-standing modular panels come ready to assemble allowing for a clean and quiet setup with no dust or debris. The non-porous smooth panels are easy to clean and maintain, heavy-duty, and impact resistant—designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

Fully assembled furniture ready to be set-up where needed in minutes.

Starwall Products

How will lessons we are learning today fuel your designs of tomorrow? 

Adding and moving walls doesn’t have to be a huge construction project. Architectural demountable walls can be installed and moved without damaging your space. They make your workspace flexible and adaptable, and are cost efficient. 

Starwall Social Distancing Screens

Keep your customers and employees safe!

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are facing health and safety challenges like never before. Going forward, workplaces will be looking for permanent and flexible solutions to keep their customers and employees safe. That’s why we’ve created a line glass social distancing screens that offer a finished appearance over other materials like acrylic. Composed of aluminum and laminated glass, then screens are secure and easy to clean.

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